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Delivery Services

Kinetic Logistics

How can we ensure that your order will be despatched on time, be handled with care, dealt with efficiently and give you complete peace of mind?

Simple. We operate our own delivery company.

Kinetic Logistics is a delivery service that is owned and operated by Baumhaus, which specialises in furniture deliveries and drop shipping. This gives us a great advantage in that we control everything from sourcing the timber, right through to the delivery to your customer.
We have incorporated the same high-tec, 'embrace technology' ethic to ensure that everything is tracked and recorded electronically using the latest management systems. By logging onto your ‘my account’ you can monitor the progess of all your deliveries.

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Our Delivery Service:

  • Business to Customer and Business to Business services plus we are proud to cater for drop shippers
  • Weekly collections from most UK wholesale furniture suppliers
  • We operate modern liveried vehicles and all are staff are smartly uniformed
  • All deliveries are booked in 2-3 days prior to delivery, Plus the driver will always call 1 hour before arrival
  • Our system will send polite ‘text message’ reminders to the end customer at key points (e.g. the evening before the delivery)
  • All of our drivers are fully trained and knowledgeable about safe loading and delivery of furniture
  • All collections are free of charge
  • Fixed three tier pricing structure with a discount system for multiple items to one address (Click here to view delivery costs)

Our High-Tech Warehouse Management System Ensures Maximum Efficiency & Reliability

We distribute from a large warehouse in Oxford, which is fully high bay racked and operates a serpentine pick system which is Warehouse Management System (WMS) controlled. This optimises efficiency and storage space and enables us to pass greater savings onto our customers.

We realise that precision is the key to running a good logistics business and in order to provide the best and most efficient service we have invested in the latest and most innovative technology. The system we operate allows us to track everything in our warehouse using hand held RF guns which use the EAN bar coding system. Nothing is allowed to enter our warehouse unless it has been booked in, and similarly nothing leaves without being properly scanned out. Every item that is brought into us has its own allocated place in one of our 2200 bay locations; all of this means that we virtually eliminate the problem of lost or misplaced stock.

Everything from invoicing to delivery notes is automated and carried out via this system which minimises invoice errors.

How Do I Book A Delivery?

That's easy, you can book your delivery services via this website, simply by logging into your
account, placing your order then just tick the 'Kinetic to deliver' box, then we will do the rest!.

Do You Contact My Customers For Me?

If you are one of our drop-ship customers, then yes we do.

How Do I Know Whether My Drop Ship Order Has Been Delivered?

As well as being able to monitor all your orders via our web portal, our system automatically
emails you upon despatch of your order. Once the delivery is complete, your Invoice is
automatically generated and again emailed out to you, so in short, you know if you have
received your invoice then your order has been successfully delivered.