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Turnkey Website

What is Baumhaus’s ‘Turnkey Website’ project?

The purpose of this project is to enable Baumhaus Customers (both ‘Bricks and Mortar’ retailers and ‘New to the industry’ customers) who have little or no knowledge of the internet or e-commerce to get a high spec, customised ‘Ready to go’ website which uses state of the art technology and more importantly is easy to use, so it can be fully maintained by you!

How have we achieved this?

Baumhaus has worked closely with two of the best companies in their respective fields (Juicy Media & Apex Hosting) and set out to develop a high end, user friendly, cost effective web solution (Yes I know it sounds too good to be true, and yes we had a lot of headaches achieving it, but we did it!) The costs of the website development have been heavily subsidised by Baumhaus and the remainder of the cost will be spread over the websites sold, which, in short, means you will be receiving a website worth in excess of twelve thousand pounds for a fraction of the cost!

Example Website:

Here is a screenshot of just one of the high quality themes you can choose from for your website. Click the image below to view a live demo version of the turnkey website, where you can currently select between 4 different themes.

What does it actually cost?

The total cost is £1350 plus vat (There are no hidden costs at all!)

What do I get?

  • You will receive a high end, fully operational ‘e-commerce’ (e-commerce means it has the ability to take orders and process payments automatically) website that is configured to your company with your logo, your company colours and all your own text
  • You will receive a Baumhaus trade account and all of the Baumhaus products will already be fully uploaded so that your customers can start shopping immediately!
  • Your shopping cart will be set up and configured – so you can start selling immediately! (The shopping cart is the main engine of the website because it is where your customers enter their card details to make payment to you and complete the sale)
  • An SSL Certificate is supplied (normally £129.99 per year). Basically an SSL encrypts your customers’ payment details and lets them know their credit card information is completely protected.
  • 2 year registration of the domain name of your choice (this is your website address, e.g.
  • One years Business Website Hosting (putting your website onto the internet)
  • Unlimited email addresses, e.g.,,; etc!
  • website statistics. See how many people are visiting your site daily and what they are looking at as well as many other cool features.
  • Unlimited bandwidth (your website will be really fast which the Search Engines love!) and 6GB of storage (you could add tens of thousands of products to your site without running out of space).
  • You will be supplied easy to follow ‘Help and Support’ material which will allow you to manage your own website. (This is supplied in the format of downloadable .pdf documents and video tutorials).
  • Marketing your website – your website will be supplied already ‘optimised’ to a basic standard (to get it up the Google rankings naturally). On top of that you will also be supplied with tutorials which show you how to continue marketing your website organically, and also PPC (pay per click) advertising, where you pay each time someone clicks on your advert.
  • You will also be given tutorials that show you how to load new products onto your websites – explore all the potential suppliers out there and the sky is the limit!
  • An account will be created for you with ‘Kinetic Logistics – furniture home delivery network’ who will be able to handle all of your national drop shipping delivery requirements (For all furniture suppliers, not just Baumhaus stock!)

What can my website do?

We don’t have the space here to even begin listing everything your website can do, but needless to say it has everything to offer including all the latest reporting and marketing tools, for example if you want to email a promotional offer to every customer who has ever purchased a specific product range, it can be done in just a few clicks!. Or if you want to run a report showing you which is your most profitable range, a couple of clicks and the data is there!

How do I order my website?

Its simple, click this link:

Turnkey Website - Order Form

and complete our order website order form, the order form will ask you everything we need to know to build and deliver your website. Once we have received your payment and your order form the development of your new website begins!

My Website

Once we have finished the development of your website (this should take approximately 30 days from receiving your order) we will hand everything over to you, uploaded and ready to go! We even give you all of the FTP details (which means you own and control everything! holding onto the FTP details is a common trick for web design companies to keep you tied into them!) FTP details are basically the websites ‘upload’ location and access password

After sales help

Unfortunately because of the nature of this project (i.e. it is a subsidised, non profit making project) if you want additional help or design work after you have received your completed website, there will be costs associated, however we will provide you all the information you need to take control and do everything yourself!
If you do wish to have any extra flash (Flash is animation) or artwork or help, please email Andrew Terry on for a quote, and he will be happy to help you.