Baumhaus Safe Retailers


What is 'Baumhaus Safe'?

Baumhaus Safe is a unique programme, in which Baumhaus Ltd will fully underwrite the purchase of any Baumhaus product, when purchased through a Baumhaus Safe certified retailer.

What does this mean to you?

This means that you can purchase any Baumhaus product, from any retailer featured in the list below, and Baumhaus will guarantee that your order will be delivered in full. If anything happens to a retailer and they are subsequently not able to fulfil your order, Baumhaus will honour your order in full, at our own cost.

Why create the Baumhaus Safe programme?

As you know, the UK has fallen upon uncertain financial times, and this has resulted in many UK businesses, small and large, struggling or even failing. The result is that when you make a purchase, there can be a risk associated with that purchase. We simply want to remove all of that risk and uncertainty, giving you a pleasurable and confident buying experience.


Baumhaus Safe certified retailer logo

Who is Baumhaus Safe certified?

Although we supply hundreds of retailers nationwide, below is a list of all of the 'Baumhaus Safe' certified retailers. All purchases made through these retailers can be made with 100% confidence  

     molly and milo logo                     Furn-On Logo               

          Hampshire Furniture                   


Harley and Lola Logo           Oak Furniture House Logo           Oak Solution Logo 

                   Online Furniture World Logo              Right deals Logo                             


   Style our Home Logo                                      

       Taskers Logo               Wooden Furniture Stores  Furnish