How can you be confident that your order will be despatched on time, be handled with care, dealt with efficiently and delivered professionally?

Simple, we operate our own delivery company for your complete peace of mind.

Kinetic Logistics is a delivery service that is owned and operated by the Baumhaus Ltd. We specialise in furniture deliveries, fragile goods and drop shipping. This enables us to control everything from the sourcing of our timber through to the delivery of goods to the consumer. This gives us a great advantage over our competitors and provides you with a great service for your customers.

All our deliveries feature photographic proof, customer signatures, and vehicle tracker logs for maximum security and minimal risk.

– One-Man Service –

Our ground floor delivery service is designed for items weighing up to 80kg and occupying 0.75cbm, ensuring a seamless process for boxed and standard-shaped items.

– Two-Man Service –

Elevate your delivery experience by selecting any room for your items. Our skilled team will expertly lift and carry your possessions to the room of your choice, ensuring a hassle-free process.

– Named Day Service –

Enhance customer satisfaction with our Named Day Service, providing end customers with a convenient calendar link via email and SMS.

– Live Order Tracking –

Stay in control with our real-time order tracking feature. Your customers can monitor their orders from placement to delivery, including the ability to track the delivery vehicle on its route right up to their front door.

– Full Integration –

Streamline your operations by linking your system to ours, facilitating automatic order placement. Enjoy the convenience of receiving live order updates and delivery notifications directly into your system, reducing manual workload and enhancing overall efficiency.

– Specialists in Handling & Delivery –

Our driver teams undergo extensive training in the best practices for handling, delivery, and strapping. Trust us for a professional and secure transportation experience that prioritises the safety and integrity of your items.

Warehousing Solutions

Prime Location:

Just minutes away from the M40 motorway, our geographical location ensures accessibility and convenience.

Comprehensive Services

From two-man handling to container unloading, secure storage, pick-and-pack services, computer-controlled inventory, and a team of trained and experienced warehouse professionals, we offer solution for your warehousing needs.

Risk Mitigation

Operating from a single hub minimises the risk of loss or damage to your items during storage and handling. Our warehouses are equipped with cutting-edge technology in inventory control to enhance security and accountability.


Whether its WAREHOUSING, DROP SHIPPING or HOME DELIVERIES you’re looking for, Kinetic Logistics can do it all.

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